How to write a research paper in APA style

Using suitable headings through out your paper, explain as if to a new student what one needs to do so as to come up with a high quality dissertation paper……


A research paper should clearly outline the research topic and form an argument that is then discussed with the aim of forming a conclusion and recommendations.

A good research paper should follow the general guidelines recommended for writing. A research paper should be divided into the following sections


This should be one paragraph summarizing the whole research. It should give a justification for the research, the approach used and a general view of the results.


This is an explanation of the objectives behind the research and the reason why the chosen approach was used. The advantages of the method used and how the intended objectives were achieved are stated. Background information on the research should also be given to put the research in context.

Materials and methods

This section should clearly describe the materials used and the procedure followed during the research. It is done in such a way that another person would easily follow or determine the quality of the overall research work.


This should be a clear presentation of any raw data obtained. It can be done using figures, text or tables. The writer should be careful not to include calculations in this section.


This is an interpretation of the results obtained. The discussion is supported by commonly accepted knowledge and facts to draw a suitable conclusion. The results should be incorporated in the discussion.

Literature cited

This should be a list of all references used in the correct format according to the referencing style used. Every research paper must contain this section.

General rules

Since the paper is an explanation of an event that has already taken place, it should be written in prose form and always in past tense. The writer should avoid unnecessary information in the discussion and ensure that he remains in context.

He/she should proofread the final draft and watch out for errors in grammar and spelling. The paper should also be written in an active approach.

If the guidelines are followed to the letter and the research information is accurate, the write can expect a high quality research paper.


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