HSC 107 Health Care Industry

HSC 107 Health Care Industry

Discussion Boards In Canvas
If you’ve never used Canvas discussion boards before, be sure to view this video tutorial

For the Original post, use the REPLY button that is IMMEDIATELY below these instructions.

● For the two replies, use the reply button that is below the classmate’s post that you want to respond to.

General DB Instructions:
1) (PST) to make your initial post.

2) The original post must be 150+ words and have a reference in APA format but the replies do not need a reference. Read an article on the topics of the week, and use one as a reference for the original post to share with your classmates as an idea for outside reading.

3) Read the posts of your classmates and reply to two or more of their posts before Sunday at 11:59 pm.

4) The replies should start with a greeting and then expand the discussion

5) All your posts must be your reflection of the topic in your own words.

6) Write the phrase “Word Count” and the number at the end of each post. Each of the 3 posts must be 150+ words, but any additional replies may be shorter.

7) Do NOT put any attachments on DB posts. No one wants to download something to read it.

8) Type your posts into a Word doc to save on your computer in case your submission does not go through properly. Then copy and paste it into the Discussion Board window and hit the “Submit” button.

HSC 107 Health Care Industry

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