HUCL1301: Diagnostic Test Video Presentation

HUCL1301: Diagnostic Test Video Presentation


One of the many tasks of the Hospital Unit Clerk role is to book appointments and send clients for several types of diagnostic testing. In order to become an effective part of the health care team, it is important that the Hospital Unit Clerk become familiar with commonly ordered diagnostic procedures and any secondary tasks associated with them, i.e. dietary, lab,medication orders, etc.

For this assignment, you are to research a diagnostic test that has been assigned to you by your instructor. Once you have completed your research, you are to create a video of you presenting this information to your instructor. In your video presentation you will be answering questions regarding your assigned diagnostic test and your role as the Hospital Unit Clerk.Your video presentation must contain an introduction and conclusion, be 3 to 5 minutes in length, you must appear in your video presentation, and address the following questions:

Client Questions:

What is the purpose of the test?

How is the test done?

How long does the test take?

What diagnostic imaging department would the Hospital Unit Clerk need to contact in order to book the assigned test/procedure?

What additional tasks would need to be completed by the Hospital Unit Clerk for the assigned procedure? Explain.

What other departments would the Hospital Unit Clerk need to be in contact with in order to complete these additional tasks? Explain.

You must answer all questions fully while staying within your scope of practice. Remain professional at all times, and adhere to the Bow Valley College Hospital Unit Clerk Program dress code.

When creating your video presentation don’t be afraid to have fun and get creative – use visual aids and/or props if appropriate.

Once you have created your video presentation, you will need to upload your video presentation to YouTube (see attached document “How to Create a YouTube Account”) and submit your link to the “Diagnostic Test Video Presentation” D2L Dropbox by the assigned due date for evaluation. All video presentation submissions must include speaker notes and a reference page citing sources used to complete this assignment using APA format.

HUCL1301: Diagnostic Test Video Presentation

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