Human Behavior

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The research will seek to determine how attitudes influence behaviour in people. Human behaviour is a function of different situations. In this regard, attitudes play a role on how people relate to different things and situations. However, this relationship is normally in varying dimensions and this creates the need for a study.
Statement of the Problem
The research will determine the relationship between different attitudes and behaviours in human beings.

This study explores the intricate and elaborate relationship that is often ignored. While attitude is generally associated with changing behaviour, the nature of that relationship is largely unknown. The following questions will therefore be answered;
Do different attitudes affect behaviour differently?
Does a change is attitude have a corresponding change in behaviour?
Is human behaviour entirely a function of attitudes?
Research Hypothesis: Human behaviour generally depends upon the different attitudes often experienced in different situations. Methods
Participants: The study will involve thirty different participants who shall be drawn from different backgrounds. This will incorporate fifteen males and an equal number of females.
Materials- The research will require conventional work settings like schools and offices. There will be need to find how people relate to one another in different attitudes.
Procedure: Since attitude is expressed through liking or disliking the attitude object, the respondents will be subjected to different environments which they favour or disfavour. There will be a determination on how they subsequently relate to the different situations.
Design- the research will adopt both correlational and quasi-experimental designs in order to enable a full exploration of all the relevant areas.

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Develop an original research study proposal and describe it in detail in a 10-12 page (APA style) paper. Include at least 10 scholarly references in your proposal. Use

the following outline as a guide when writing your paper. Be sure to include detailed information on all of the topics listed below and use headings to organize your


Statement of the problem: Introduce the reader to the problem to be studied. Provide sufficient background information such that the reader has a grasp of the

situation and its importance.
Review of the literature: Provide the reader with a review of most relevant literature, beginning with general information, and narrowing the focus to the specific

issues under consideration in the study.
Purpose of the study: Identify why the study that you are proposing is needed.
Hypotheses or research questions: List them as simple statements. Make sure they are measurable.

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