Human Resource

Human Resource

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There are about eight challenges that the author feels that they are going to have a significant impact on organizations. Some of these are: threat of increased medical costs in the United States, a large number of baby boomers expected to retire around the same time, federal healthcare legislation, growing need to develop retention strategies for employees who are currently employed and more importantly labor shortages at all level of skills. I strongly believe that these challenges will develop to significant issues for organizations. The issues being debated currently have some relationship with issues that were debated during the Y2K hype. The Y2K hype may not have occurred but this, however, may not have meant that the issues at hand during this time were absent or insignificant. In my opinion, some precautionary measures must have been taken to prevent the occurrence of Y2K issues. Issues at hand are in one way different from those of the late 1990s. One way that these are different is that signs have already started to show. The issue of baby boomers is real and it will by all means come to reality. Medical costs are on the rise in the United States and every organization understands this fact. Other issues are also real and their occurrence is eminent and that’s why many are comfortable in making conclusions that these issues will be of great significance to all organizations.


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