Huntington Beach Art

In Art Brewer’s gelatin silver print entitled “Huntington Beach Culture, 1985” there are eleven central figures that dominate the print. The eleven people portrayed in this piece are each wearing varied pieces of beachwear and holding different beach objects. The print is divided into nine equal squares, each containing either one or two people against a white background. The squares represent negatives of a photo demonstrated by small numbers on the outline of each square and the imprint of a negative design.
The top left square contains a male teenager standing upright wearing a black wet suit that is peeled away from his chest, hanging at his hips. He is slightly sunburned, wears a smile, and stands barefoot. In his left hand he holds erect a pale yellow surfboard with the world CYCLONE inscribed in cursive on its side. The top center square contains a teenage boy and girl. The boy is on the left and the girl is on the right. He is wearing a white tank top, blue board shorts, and no shoes. Under his right arm, he carries a boogie board with the letters OP and in his right hand a drenched yellow and grey wetsuit. He is smiling and has chin length dirty blonde hair. The girl to his right has shoulder length wavy brown hair and is bending over slightly giving the boy a kiss. She wears a bikini, its top decorated with a cheetah print and the bottoms covered by a pair of white shorts. She also sports a pair of flip flops on her feet. In her right hand she is holding a multi colored horizontally striped beach chair and wears a black knapsack on her back. The top right box of this print includes a smiling African American middle aged male wearing a blue, pink, and yellow wetsuit with the word Aleeda across his chest. Under his left arm he carries a white surfboard.
In the second row of boxes in this art piece, the one on the left contains an older white male wearing a blue and black wet suit that is half way down …

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