I need help with this assignment in (MS access) but there isn’t any way to submit the work that I have done so far, I have the file created but

I need help with this assignment in (MS access) but there isn’t any way to submit the work that I have done so far, I have the file created but having some trouble finishing, please advise if there a way to upload to help with this assignment., mostly having trouble with numbers 9, 11, 14 An answers is needed ASAP

Createa table named STUDENTS with the following fields. If a field is marked as not required, it needs to be a part of the table, but the user does not have to enter data into that particular field. Do not change the field names, data types or data sizes – follow directions as specified below):

1.StudentId – autonumber – unique id/primary key

2.StudentFirstName – text(20)

3.StudentMiddleName – text(20-not required)

4.StudentLastName – text(30)

5.BirthDate – date

6.Major – text(50)

7.Minor – text(50-not required)

8.CertificateProgram – text(50-not required)

9.ClassLevel – Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate

10.GPA – decimal number with 3 decimal points between 0 & 4.000 (for example 3. 456)

11.SemesterHoursCompleted – number between 0 & 180

12.AdmissionDate – date

13.GraduationDate – date (not required)

14.Creat at least 5 records in the STUDENTS table created above. All values must be meaningful and within the data type and range as specified in the table

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