I will pay for the following essay Analysis of the paly by Arthur Miller: Death of a Saleman. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Downloa

I will pay for the following essay Analysis of the paly by Arthur Miller: Death of a Saleman. The essay is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Willy Loman has portrayed as a modern tragic hero. This play is seen as modern tragedy drama by the audiences today. Analysis of the play in light of Miller’s and Klage’s Essay: According to Miller every common man is faced with tragedy in his real life. He believed that every human struggles for acquiring a rightful position in the society. In the play, Willy Loman holds the essential qualities of an American tragic hero. In this play, Willy Loman embodies the person who holds the basic qualities of Aristotle’s description of a tragic hero. Willy Loman bears power and strong hold which are the key characteristics of Aristotle’s tragic hero but ends up in a tragic yet emotional situation. Struggle for Acquiring the American Dream: Throughout the play, Willy has been seen as struggling hard to gain financial liberation and achieve his sound social status. According to Klage, Miller has perfectly highlighted the emotional trauma in Willy’s suicidal attempt as he considers himself responsible for the financial instability of his family. However, not all the deaths are tragic in nature. The personality of Willy embodies various flaws such as self-delusion, stupidity and complexes faced by majority of middle-class living in America. Willy had an immense burden on his shoulders to acquire perfect American Dream lifestyle for his family. However, according to Klages the human institutions have failed to provide Willy the sound mode of living and they rejected and denied his efforts and struggle in the quest for attaining economic and financial liberation. Willy’ efforts represent the modern American struggle of a common man in acquiring the rightful position and status in the society. Betrayal: Willy is portrayed as man with obsession to gain financial freedom and his struggle has been shown throughout the play. Willy considers Biff’s betrayal in his ambitions for him as an insult and rejection. Willy is a failed salesman who lacks the basic ability to sell his American Dream his son, Biff. Willy trusted his American Dream faithfully and death of his dream is no less than his own death. However, Willy believed that Biff’s betrayal is due to the discovery of his secret love affair with The Woman but on the other hand, Biff sees it as a result of Willy’s fake statements based on lies and fabricated stories. Willy has been shown as a man who is running between illusions and realities. Biff considers the death of his father as “a waste” “running after a dream” whereas on the other hand, Happy, his brother, takes the responsibility of running the home just like his father did. This is a true modern drama in which the hero sees a tragic end coped with emotions and distress. His optimism was killed by the brutality of capitalism, yet pushing him to attain the classic characteristics of a tragic hero in a modern age. Introduction to the play, “Glengarry Glen Ross” by David Mamet: This play was written by David Mamet in 1984. This play is a true example of postmodernism as it holds all the essential components. The play discusses the real world with all its brutality and competitiveness and the ruthlessness of real estate salesman. The play represents the postmodern time. The play represents the early era of 1980s in which America gained paced in consumerism, materialism and competitiveness. Politics and the play: Politics is a main component defining postmodernism and capitalism.

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