I will pay for the following essay ASSIGNMENT 2. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages… Inventions ar

I will pay for the following essay ASSIGNMENT 2. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Download file to see previous pages…

Inventions are integral in peoples’ lives as they assist in making work and life easier. In the modern world, we disregard many things and do not concentrate to understand that most of today’s advances are based on past inventions. Such inventions have tremendously accelerated human progress and laid a concrete foundation for the basis of contemporary discoveries. The Chinese culture is one of the few worldwide cultures that can be credited for their immense contribution to the advancement of human progress. Among the Chinese inventions that I rate as the greatest of the ancient nation are gunpowder, tea, compass, paper, pasta, alcohol, wheelbarrow, kites, seismograph and printing (Challen, 2005). These inventions are among those that I rate in top ten as they are offering significant contributions and influence in the modern world. Question 2: I believe that the following four ingenious inventions are among the best innovative forms, to arise from the ancient Chinese populations. Gunpowder is one of the legendary Chinese inventions, the compass which is an integral directional component, tea which is a worldwide beverage and alcohol which is a prominent social drink. Although all the mentioned ten inventions are significant to society, these four inventions stand out because of their daily importance in people’s lives, both at work or at home. Question 3: The four inventions that I nominated from the selected ancient Chinese inventions are integral because of their useful contributions’ and relevance in the modern world. Gunpowder Arguably, the most recognized ingenious Chinese invention, gunpowder was accidentally invented by alchemists who were searching for a concoction to achieve human immortality (Challen, 2005). Contrary to what the alchemists wanted to obtain, which is human immortality, they ironically ended up achieving quite the opposite, an invention that could easily kill. First gunpowder was created from a mixture of saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal and was considered as the most significant military technique compiled by Zeng Goliang. It was used to create gunpowder explosions, which were also used for the fireworks. The Chinese used gunpowder as indicator flames and firecrackers prior to proposing it for the military use in elementary grenades. With time, the gunpowder technology spread to the other parts of the world, especially the Europe. It was used during the Mongol war. The Europeans used the gunpowder in cannons (Clark, 2012). Although the Chinese possessed early knowledge of explosives, as well as the rules of their application, they did not practice weaponry expansion to the extent which the Western nations reached. The Europeans ironically managed to overpower the Chinese by using cannons with gunpowder that were invented by the Chinese. In the modern world, gunpowder is used by the government forces to fight criminals and terrorists, to ensure the safety of the population (Diamond, 2007). Gunpowder is used in bullets which is a lethal weapon that can kill in an instant. The Compass It sometimes leaves me to wonder, where the world could be, if there was no compass. The compass ensures that we are always headed to the right direction and that people do not get lost. This is one of the inventions that the Chinese have helped in the world development.

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