I will pay for the following essay Foundations of Motivation (Module 9). The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previou

I will pay for the following essay Foundations of Motivation (Module 9). The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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In contrast the test samples in India were able to perform the task requiring complex cognitive skills for the highest incentive because that incentive was in consonance with the outcomes they associated with such a tough goal. Thereby the results of this experiment were in tandem with the expectancy theory of motivation. The other conclusions arrived at by this experiment also happened to be strictly as per the expectancy theory of motivation. Once the workers get satisfied in relation to the remuneration, the start considering other desirable outcomes and tend to commit to a task as per the value they assign to these outcomes. These outcomes may not necessarily be monetary, but may comprise of varied other desirable outcomes like autonomy or self direction, opportunity to gain mastery over a skill, the thrill of the eventual challenge posed by a task, and a sense of direction and purpose. As evinced by the expectancy theory the outcomes that specific individuals tend the value differ from person to person, and the motivation of an individual is directly proportional to the extent to which one values a possible outcome. 2. Them speaker’s message aligns a lot with my own personal experience. As per the conclusions pertaining to motivation deduced from my personal experience, the extent of motivation that an individual commits to a specific goal has a lot to do with the outcomes that an individual expects to solicit from the achievement of that goal. However, the one thing that needs to be taken care of is the fact that the outcomes that a person aspires for or values differ from person to person. I remember when I was in High School. I was quiet good at accounting. It was owing to my proficiency in accounting that a local retail merchant offered me the job of going through his sales accounts every evening. I used to spend about an hour everyday at his shop, checking his accounts. I really enjoyed this job. It allowed me to earn some money without compromising on my studies. It happened that during the holiday season the sales of this retailer went up and he offered to pay much more to me if I spent an extra hour or two every day checking his accounts. At first the possible outcome of earning more money appealed to me and I agreed to his proposal. However, as the time passed, this work started interfering with the time I ought to have dedicated to my studies. I soon realized that I valued the need to score better grades much more over the opportunity to earn money at the cost of my studies. Thereby I got immensely demotivated and quit this job after a few days. 3. As a manager the first thing that I learned from the given video is that once the employees are paid as per their expectations, they stop thinking about money and start focusing on the work at hand. Thereby, I will always make it a point to set the remunerations of the employees working for me at a level which is in consonance with their expectations and caters to their sense of equity. Once this is done, I will never forget the fact that money is not the only outcome that motivates an employee, but people expect varied other attributes from a job that they really feel motivated about, like autonomy or the freedom of self direction, chance to achieve mastery over a skill, the sense of challenge posed by a goal and the sense of direction or purpose associated with a goal.

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