I will pay for the following essay Implement a Web-Catering Order System with Cater Trax. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download fi

I will pay for the following essay Implement a Web-Catering Order System with Cater Trax. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Reasons for cater trax implementation in the department In the catering department at Texas Children’s Hospital, there have been increased demands from our clients. The department has to deal with about three hundred orders daily and even an increased number during the weekends. Meeting the clients’ demands has become a great challenge, due to the increased numbers. Research shows that a number of institutions have overcome this challenge of overbooking with the help of cater trax (Cupps, 1997). This is because cater trax is remarkably helpful in managing high volume orders and hospitality businesses. A number of institutions have employed this system and attained great success out of it. Advantages of using Cater trax over its competitors Cater trax is a web-based software made up of powerful tools built directly within the system. For this reason, it is vital that customers undergo one hour and thirty minutes of training before they are able to use the system. This training is only available for cater trax company customers making the system extremely user friendly. It is essential to note that there are other industry competitors to cater trax (Dickinson, 2011). However, cater trax proves to be the best choice because of its advantages. For example, they offer twenty-four hour customer service whereby users can contact a support team for any questions. Unlike its competitors, it provides two software packages offered at the same time. At one end, customers are able to place their orders in ordering accounts, get their confirmation via their emails and repeat the process if necessary. Consequently, the catering department can run its business smoothly by editing invoices, keeping catering calendars, and receiving reports (Kotler &amp. Bowen, 2006). As a result, the system maintains all food services in an organized manner as well as making it a profitable venture. Other advantages associated with the use of this online catering management software are that it does not require Information technology management, servers, or special equipment and the ordering prices are fair. The prices for all meals vary from three dollars to seventeen dollars per head depending on the meal. All that is needed to make an order is an internet connection. Upon its installation, it can provide up to the minute reports on all the departments proceedings. Steps to implementing cater trax Since this program simplifies a lot of work, one may think it is difficult to implement. However, it is essential to note that only six simple steps are required to get cater trax implemented. The steps include being registered, gathering information from clients, an integration interview, site construction, training and lastly the site is launched (Welloh, 2011). Upon completion, clients can make orders online. These six processes can be implemented within a very short period of six weeks within which certain milestones are met. Relationship between cater trax and its customers Many cater trax users have complete trust on the system because of their continual use. This is because cater trax employees work tirelessly to ensure high levels of security, availability of information and reliability to the users. Success is paramount at cater trax, so all food service providers receive similar attention regardless of the services they offer.

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