I will pay for the following essay Marriage and the Family. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages… Co

I will pay for the following essay Marriage and the Family. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

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Concerning sexual compatibility, it is vital to consider marriage associates. Failure in sexual life always causes trouble in many other areas in the marriage. For instance couples who are unhappy will complain about other things, thus finding related issues unsatisfying. Naturally, different people happen to respond differently to sexual matters and therefore it is wise to consider a partner’s feelings. Apart from sexual life, physical compatibility also matters and this is why many people look for beautiful women and handsome men. The reality is that physical looks play a great role in marriage although majority do not accept the fact. It is always good to ask people to describe the physical appearance of the dream partners they wish to have. Spiritual and intellectual compatibility on the other hand are important in choosing marriage partners. There are various questions that need to be considered when it comes to intellectual compatibility. For example, the level of academics and the kind of certificates of a partner should be analyzed. However there are some people with low levels of formal education but through informal education, they have brought themselves up to a very high standard and can therefore fit into any type of group. Though these people are illiterate, they are very theoretical and can advance in every conversation. There are others who have educational certificates but lack information in many domains outside formal education. Due to this, partners need to examine themselves in order to know the person who fits them most. Spiritual life of a person also matters when it comes to compatibility in marriage. This is because it determines the success or failure of marriage. It is wise to marry someone from your own religion and possibly, one you share faith with. Do not marry a person with the hope that he or she will change, instead make the wise judgments. Financial issues are among major issues that affect compatibility when it comes to marriage. You can marry someone who has a massive liability, and hope that together you would be able to get out of debt and start saving. But you need to be sure that your partner is willing to change. People need to realize that money or financial situation is almost equally as important as love for each other, in order for relationship to last. Choosing a partner carefully may end up being the most important economic choice one makes in life. Major causes of divorce Abuse Abuse may be either sexual or expressive. One partner might seem cruel, either through his or her actions or words. Drugs, alcohol, and extreme beating count in abusive behavior as well. Many people argue that if their spouse hit them, sexually, or physically abused their children, they would automatically end the marriage. Even though there are those who would opt to stay in relationships in which they are physically abused, most would not tolerate the abuses from a person who should love them. Extra-marital affairs In most cases, if a spouse cheats on his or her partner, there is a high probability for divorce. While some couples will tolerate this kind of immorality and work through infidelity, most respondents find it difficult to reinstate trust.

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