I will pay for the following essay Product of Gain. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.Download file to see previous pages… One of the

I will pay for the following essay Product of Gain. The essay is to be 3 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

Download file to see previous pages…

One of the most noticeable is the discovery technological enhancements in almost all trade aspects. Gains acquired in different marketing businesses can be attributed to improvement in transport and communication (Lucas, 2000). The enhancements in these two fields have ensured that business is more practical and easy to crack through. The involvement of consumers in any type of business can be of great importance to an increase in the business profits. It is important to understand that as technology advances there is increased competition, and the only reasonable way to acquire gains in the businesses is to beware of all new technology in the world. This gives the marketing companies a way to remain ahead of all competitors. Information from researches performed by businesses, universities, and non- profit organizations prove that consumers technological knowledge influences their desire for goods and services. For example, inventory control systems make companies more efficient providing better relationship between suppliers and the supplied. These factors all add up to gain as the product in any marketing organization (Xu, 2005). As many financial advisors struggle to ensure that there, businesses grow, and that they gain clients, it is simple to meet new prospects when one gains a few skills in the financial marketing. As stated above customers, are the most important in any business for the achievement of success. For this reason, all external influences that bring impacts on the customer are very crucial. Culture is among these influences and it represents influences that are imposed on the customer by other individuals. It is the difficult whole that includes information, conviction, art moral, tradition, and any other capabilities and habits that are acquired by different individuals in the society. Culture is a challenging issue for many marketers since it is intrinsically vague and often difficult to understand (Gomersall, 2002). However, marketers should ensure that they are aware of all cultural norms to avoid violating another country’s cultural norms. This ensures that people involved in the creation of gains in the business are comfortable in each other’s presence since they are aware of all cultures of the different people. For example, in the Muslim community, a dog is considered as an unclean animal and so should not be portrayed in any advertisement of a business where the population consists of Muslims. If a businessperson is to acquire gains in his business, he should make sure that he does not violate the cultures practiced in the area. Since marketing activities are fundamental divisions of the whole production formation, marketers have a responsibility to help provide what members of the society want and to minimize whatever they are not in favor (Lucas, 2000). This is the reason they should understand cultural diversity while maintaining their own cultural identity. It is important to ensure that all marketers’ actions remain pure because gain from businesses can be affected if the actions become questionable. Businesses are very susceptible to changes in the opinionated states. For example, because purchaser groups lobbied Congress, more severe policies were finished on the conditions of vehicle leases.

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