Importance of Nursing History on Future Medication

Topic: Importance of Nursing History on Future Medication

The nursing discipline is viewed to emerge from the traditional role of apprenticeship, women, and religious ideals, objectives of humanitarian, common sense, intuition, theories, trial and errors, research and diverse influences of medicine (Rahman, & Schnelle, 2008). For instance, the military and nuns tend to provide nursing- related services to injured and ill individuals. The first nurse was known as Phoebe, stated in Romans 16:1. This person was found during the time of Christian Church. In assenting, this lady was taking care of men and women in the society. Nurses have been witnessed to conduct the ‘orders’ for various health care specialists on top of being considerate for their own task. However, the history of nursing is comprised with vital implications on future medication practices (Buerhaus, 2008).

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