Individual Conferences with Annotated Bibliography

Individual Conferences with Annotated Bibliography.

Research Essay

Individual Conferences with Annotated Bibliography-April 3rd and 5th  

Rough Draft-Uploaded by April 21st 

Length 5-7 pages


In this class, we have studied and discussed issues about oppression and privilege. I want you to choose a non-profit organization that fights for an oppressed minority in the United States and write a research paper addressing their mission statement, definition of who they are, statistics about the issue, and how they have helped. Basically, you should persuade the reader that this issue is real, it is important, and we should passionately help by donating our time or our resources to this organization. You need to collect what others have said about the organization and their efficacy. In addition, you need to address the counter argument and collect what others have said that is negative about the organization. If you want, you may write a paper that argues that an organization is not effectively helping society, and therefore, it should not exist or receive funding. However, this argument should rely on logos and not pathos.



  • The annotated bibliography needs to include at least three total sources and two must be academic.
  • The rough draft must be at least five pages long and include a Works Cited.
  • The final draft should show multiple changes and be a polished version of your essay.
  • The final draft must use five sources and at least three must be academic.
  • This essay is a culmination of all essays we have written thus far and it should reflect a thorough understanding of summary, analysis, and synthesis.
  • Your introduction needs to be catchy and your conclusion should be persuasive.



  • Your papers must use 1″ margins and be in 12pt, Times New Roman font. Alternatively, 11pt Calibri will also be accepted.
  • Make sure to introduce your quotations correctly and incorporate them into your paper effectively.
  • Make sure to follow MLA guidelines in your paper, including a Works Cited page.
  • Proofread your essay! Typos and carelessness will adversely affect your final grade.
  • Papers that are not at least 5 full pages cannot receive a grade higher than a “C-”.
  • Check your Works Cited page carefully.









  • Make sure that your paper is NOT merely a summary of your sources.
  • Be sure to set your sources in dialogue with one another.
  • Your thesis statement should be concise and arguable.
  • Make sure that you comment upon the quotations you use; do not expect quotations to speak for themselves. Points will be taken away if there is no analysis.


On peer review days we will not meet in class; instead, you will upload your essay to Sakai discussion section. Save the thread as your name so that your peer reviewers can find it. This must be done by noon on the designated day. Then, you will have until class ends on the following day to finish your peer reviews. You are only responsible for your current group members. Download their essays and embed 2-3 comments per paragraph. Finally, you will reply to their original thread and upload the essay with comments. Include a reply of at least 10 sentences that will help the author improve on his/her essay.

Final papers should be submitted to Turnitin the day they are due before class begins. Papers submitted late will be reduced 10% per class day unless you attach to the paper a valid excuse from the Dean of Students’ office. You must bring a hard copy with you to class.





Individual Conferences with Annotated Bibliography

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