Information systems essay 2

Information systems essay 2.

Please Include resources and citations.

Question 1 ( two pages )

Question 2 ( two pages )

Question 3 ( 1-2 pages )


QUESTION 1. While an employee at IBM Edgar F. (Ted) Codd invented the relational database management


system (RDBMS) ( What is the history and


architecture of a RDBMS? What was the database architecture and product supported by IBM at the time of Ted’s


paper? What new IBM product was created with Chris Date’s assistance? Why did it take so long for a RDBMS


product to be introduced? Describe two RDBMS products and indicate the computer platform(s) (e.g. mainframe)


on which they operate.





QUESTION 2.Herbert Simon provided a decision making model composed of intelligence, design, and choice


( Research this


model (be sure to include your citations) and use it to explain how you would go about deciding which of three


positions (which you will describer) to accept as your first position after graduation, giving detailed data for each



step. Explain how yours is a satisficing decision and how you were limited by bounded rationality.





QUESTION 4. Barracuda Networks, Inc. offers industry-leading solutions designed to solve mainstream IT


problems – efficiently and cost effectively – while maintaining a level of customer support and satisfaction second to none. ( ) Explore Describe the offering(s).

How might you use them personally? How might an enterprise use them? What security do they offer? Where are they hosted?

Information systems essay 2

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