Innnovation Robert Rauschenbeg

The Innovation of Robert Rauschenberg
The artwork of Robert Rauschenberg was constantly changing and fresh, well ahead of it’s time. It inspired Pop Art, Minimalism and much of the work that many people today do with computers. As well, Rauschenberg challenged the ideas of pre-conceived artwork as well as ideas about authorship and how one “creates” the work. Beyond his impact on the artwork, his impact on a social level was also accountable. His artwork contained many images from television and newspapers that were familiar to the public eye. By incorporating such imagery he could make his impacts heavy in both the artistic world and the social world.
Robert Rauschenberg was born in Port Arthur, Texas in 1925. As he grew up he imagined himself first becoming a minister, later, a pharmacist. In the end, he would become one of the most influential Artists America saw. Using his techniques for silk screening, image transfer and painting, he would bridge the gap between Abstract Expressionism and American Pop art. Robert Rauschenberg was inducted into the military service in 1947, this is where he was to find his knack for drawing. While serving in the Marines he noticed he had an affliction for depicting everyday people and objects in an artistic manner. After he left the Marines he studied art in Paris on the G.I. Bill. However, he became disenchanted with the whole European art scene rather quickly. After less than a year he moved back to the United States to study in North Carolina, at Black Mountain College. Black Mountain College was a very productive place for modern art at the time, many of the nation’s most visionary artists and thinkers were teaching there. Some of which include Joseph Albers and Buckminster Fuller. It was much in character for Rauschenberg to again feel the need for something new and intriguing, so he left Black Mountain for New York to take his stab at making it as a painter. (http:

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