Interanational Relation theries and Level of Analysis of Cuban Missile Crisis U.S Policy

Interanational Relation theries and Level of Analysis of Cuban Missile Crisis U.S Policy.

Interanational Relation theries and Level of Analysis of Cuban Missile Crisis U.S Policy

Government 130 Paper Assignment

     The paper should analyze the foreign policy choices of a single international actor such as a country or international organization regarding an international event or foreign policy issue involving more than one actor at any time in the period since 1900.  The paper should explain the nature of the issue, event or policy, and seek to offer an explanation as to why the country or organization in question made the choices it did.  The explanation should be in terms of which international relations theories and levels of analysis you believe offer the most complete understanding of the action or policy you are analyzing.  Your explanation and identification of those theories and levels of analysis is the central argument of the paper and should be reflected in your opening thesis statement.

      The paper may focus on a specific event, such as the Falklands War or Cuban Missile Crisis or it may seek to explain a long-term policy such as Germany’s policy towards the European Community or America’s policy of containment.  The policy or event chosen may involve countries or organizations from anywhere in the world with the paper’s perspective focusing on the decisions of a single actor.  For example, a paper on the Berlin Blockade would concentrate on the role or reaction of the

United States

or the

Soviet Union




, but not on more than one of them.  The event or policy in question must involve the interaction of a country or organization with some other actor or actors in international politics.  For example, a paper on Iran and causes of the Iranian Revolution would not meet the assignment’s requirements because no other international actor outside of Iran would be involved.  A paper on the causes of Iran’s seizure of the United States’ embassy in Tehran would meet the assignment’s requirements because it involves the interaction of two states.


     Your paper will also be evaluated on the basis of the criteria described in the assignment rubric below.  It must have a clear, identifiable thesis statement stated at the start of the paper backed up by strong supporting evidence.  It must demonstrate an understanding of more than one theoretical approach to international relations and of all three main levels of analysis.  It must also have organizational clarity so that the thoughts presented flow in a clear, orderly manner.  The material presented should be relevant to the course, to the topic of the paper and to the point you are trying to make.  Papers often suffer by losing focus.  The style of presentation, including neatness, correct grammar, good spelling, etc., is an important component of the paper’s grade as well.  


     Papers should be at least 10-12 pages in length.  Sources must be cited.   Failure to provide citations will result in a substantial penalty.  The source of any quotation, fact or idea that you include in your paper must be cited using the Chicago-Style Author-Date format
This link
 will take you to the Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide.  The full guide is also available on the Library web site (
There must be no less than six sources.  For every Internet only source cited there must be at least one non-Internet only source.  An Internet only source is defined as a source that can not be obtained anywhere, but on-line.  For example, citing an on-line New York Times article would not count as an Internet only source since such an article could be obtained without accessing the Internet.  In addition a copy of any material cited must be turned in along with the paper.  Texts for the course are acceptable sources.  Papers are due on May 8th.  Grades for late papers will be reduced by 4 points per nonholiday weekday past 5/8.  Papers will not be accepted after the final exam.  Late papers may not be returned.  All students must retain a copy of the paper until a grade has been received.  Feel free to see me if you have any questions either about the assignment itself or about a particular topic.

Interanational Relation theries and Level of Analysis of Cuban Missile Crisis U.S Policy

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