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  About the Associated Press

            The much famed Associated Press (AP) has a history tracing back to 1846. Usually, the AP divides its history into four epochs: the 1846-1900 era as the nascent age; 1901-1950 as the establishment age of its corporate image; the 1951-2000 as the age for the strengthening age of this corporate image; while the age dating from 2000- the present is seen as the time in which AP has been seen to strengthen its lead in the field of reporting and dissemination of information.

The benevolence and clout of AP remains evident in the fact that it is seen to be the leading media house when it comes to the reporting of international affairs. This clout is mainly attributable to the many international branches AP has been possessing; and these branches and subsidiaries being served by high profile personnel numbering up to 4,000. These employees work in more than 245 worldwide bureaus. The membership of AP falls under the ownership of 1,500 owners of the American newspaper dailies. To ensure steady and competent directorship of the AP affairs, the AP owners elect a board of directors who are to direct this cooperative.

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