Interoperable Communication







Interoperable Communication


            It was not until the 2001 September 11th attack on the on the world’s most considered secure centre that the critical issue of technological and communication interoperability appropriately for the emergency and responsive circumstances became a sensible issue for discussion not only in the political arena but also extensively in the educational and academic avenues (Price 65). To different cities, states or even different agencies, interoperable communication is used to imply different things with the varying issue being mostly the needs posed by communication and the available abilities to effectively counter the communication needs at hand. In reference to the paper that we are about to go through, interoperable communication has been strategically used to mean the capability of the different states in the US to communicate with each other, share data and even send appropriate information effectively when the need arises. The aim of this form of communication is therefore to ensure that the whole society’s security is well handled mostly during crisis or emergency cases (Price 76). If during a tragedy, the responsible agency is able to secure its way out of trouble then the interoperable communication being used can be said to be effective enough. We are going to view the different recommendations that were placed on board as a result of the 9/11 commission with regard to interoperable communications as the it squarely placed the blame on the communication inefficiencies in New York City during the terrorist attack.

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