ISSC640 Week 2 Homework Assignment


Instructions:  Please answer the following End of Chapter Exercises from Chapters 5-8 of your text.



Chapter 5 – Overview of Data Communications


5.1 What three disciplines are involved in data communications?


5.3 What are the conceptual pieces of a data communications system?



Chapter 6- Information Sources and Signals


6.3 Why are sine waves fundamental to data communications?


6.12 What is the definition of baud?



Chapter 7 – Transmission Media


7.1 What is the difference between guided and unguided transmission?


7.4 What three types of wiring are used to reduce interference from noise?



Chapter 8 – Reliability and Channel Coding


8.1 List and explain the three main sources of transmission errors.


8.7 Define the concept of Hamming distance.


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