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The commentary series that was established by New international Version reveals a new advancement towards the teachings of the bible which has been received warmly by a multitude of Christians (Prism 3). According to this version the Bible is supposed to be looked upon in three major points of view namely; Original meaning, Bridging contexts and Contemporary significance and these could only be most understandable to the pastors and students (Andrew & John 1).

The vision that the authors had in mind when they wrote this book was that people would have a clear understanding of the teachings of the Old Testament which has not been clearly understood by many including pastors. Most of the texts that exist about the old testament to not seem to solve the problem, they present the old testament as a random collected works of upright lessons or a continuous list of events without going deep into the text. This is what the vision of the writers comes to achieve, a clear meaning of the Old Testament to the students and its application to real life situations in the contemporary times. It gives a clear meaning of the revelation of God as well as the universe as presented in the Old Testament. This will enhance more spiritual confidence on the students on handling verses in the old testament and unlike what has been provided in the education curriculum about just the basic teaching of the number of books, divisions of the old testaments and the authors of these books, this will enhance a much deeper understanding of the context of the old testament (Andrew & John 33). This book covers the books of the Old Testament one by one and this starting with an overview of the Old Testament as well as its plot. This can be considered as a part of the entire Bible, an assortment of books or a book by itself (Andrew & John 18).

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