Read this book called Home, School and Community Relations, 9th Ed.Carol Gestwicki and answer the following journals question below :
Journal Assignment 3: Cultural Considerations

Journal Assignment

Assignment Title: Cultural Considerations

After reading the chapters and grasping the concepts the author is stating regarding cultural considerations answer the reflection questions below. Do not answer the questions off the top of your head; your answers should demonstrate an understanding of the chapter content.

Reflection question(s) for Journal:

1. Reflect on any occasions when you have felt left out for any reason. Where did this occur and what were you doing?

2. What emotion(s) can you identify as part of that experience and why?

3. How might these feelings affect working with minority children and their families you meet (who often experience feeling left out)?

Question #3 is not implying you will be uncomfortable working with minority children or that you would not want to work with minority children. The question is about connecting feelings you may have experienced with feelings experienced by others.

4. What new information did you acquire from the chapter regarding cultural considerations?

Journal guidelines:

•Write and number each question; reflect on what you have read in the chapter and then write your response to the question. Your answer should demonstrate an understanding of the chapter content.
•Cite your information from the chapter (correctly).
•Post in the Journal Forum.
•This is a new posting, follow the guidelines How to Do a Journal Assignment
•Follow the Course Writing Requirements.
•Answer all parts of the question(s).
Journal Assignment: First Experiences

Journal Assignment

Chapter 7

Assignment Title: First Experiences

10 points

After reading the PowerPoint and Chapter 7 in the textbook reflect on all that was stated about the child coming to preschool for the first time.

Thinking as a teacher and coming from that perspective describe how you would ease a child into your preschool classroom. In four separate paragraphs describe at least 4 techniques you will use to ease the child’s first experience.

Each paragraph should identify and describe one technique.

You will need to read the chapter and use the information presented; do not list things, describe what you think after you have read the information. Do not write from “how you feel” but from information you learned from the textbook and power point.

Your paragraphs should consist of at least 5 sentences, be sure to use your own words.

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