Leadership Council (LC) Lesson Plan

Leadership Council (LC) Lesson Plan

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Leadership is a skill that can be learned and crafted. As a coach or an athletic director, you can intentionally develop a plan to hone this skill in your student athletes. Beyond using ?teachable moments? that will happen within the context of games and practices, another way in which to do this is through a Leadership Council. Developing a philosophy on who will participate as a part of this opportunity will depend strictly on you, the coach/AD. Each school and program will have a different set of circumstances that may define who will participate in the program, how the program will be executed, and when a Leadership Council could meet. As you progress through the assignment, begin to also think about the details of how you might initiate this program in your own unique circumstances. In developing a lesson plan for the leadership council, it is important that the 7 pathways described by Cory Dobbs are present.

To prepare:
As a hypothetical and to practice identifying the pathways, use the ?LC-Leadership Development Plan Examples? (Moeller, n.d.) from your required studies to identify where and/or how each of the 7 pathways to developing team leaders described by Cory Dobbs (2012) are illustrated or where they may be illustrated. All 7 pathways may not be illustrated in each and every lesson plan.

Create your own Leadership Council (LC) lesson plan. Use the template and examples from the required studies as a guide. Identify where and/or how each of the 7 pathways to developing team leaders described by Cory Dobbs (2012) may be illustrated. You may need to develop more than one lesson plan to ensure that all 7 pathways are covered.
Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.


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Moeller, K. (n.d.). Leadership development plan template [Class handout]. College of Education, Concordia University, Portland, OR.

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