LIFESCI 1D03: Medical Imaging Physics

LIFESCI 1D03: Medical Imaging Physics


Write a report for the title given above and properly formatted as to be easy to read and submitted through Avenue to Learn. Your report should address the following subheadings.

What is the problem in breast imaging? In this section you should explain what is it that makes imaging the breast difficult and different to conventional x-ray imaging discussed in the lectures.

• What is the solution? You need to consider the x-ray source(s) used in mammography and why we use them. What filters can be applied and what the filters achieve and why they are required. What are the differences in the focal spot of a mammographic x-ray source and why we have these differences?

• Patient positioning. Why the breast is compressed during image acquisition?

• Image recording. How is a modern x-ray image recorded/displayed? What are spatial and contrast resolution? What physical properties limit both types of resolution?

• Quality control in mammography. What needs to be tested and why. How is this achieved?

• What alternatives are there to x-ray imaging? Discuss other imaging modalities that are complimentary or alternatives to using x-rays.

Late assignments will be accepted with a penalty of 10% per day, including weekends. Assignments will not be accepted 1 week after the due date.

LIFESCI 1D03: Medical Imaging Physics

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