Literature Review Grid

Literature Review Grid
Please fill out the grid for four articles that you have found so far for your project.  This works best if you use a small font (e.g. 10 point).

Your PICO question: Does the implementation of occupational safety training programs vs no education reduce adverse side effects related to pesticide exposure in immigrant farmworker populations in the United States?

First Auth. Date/
Level of Evidence    Question/ Purpose    Sample Size & Population    Study Design & Data collected    Analysis    Results    Why this is important to my problem
Write the last name of the first author, followed by the publication date in parentheses.

Do your best to asses the level of evidence for this research paper using the chart written on the assignment.
Provide a brief summary of the overall study question and purpose    Tell how many participants were included.

Provide a description of the population in the study such that the reader would have a good idea of who they are.    Provide a brief statement about what the study design is.

Provide a description of what types of data were obtained by the researchers.    Briefly describe the methods that were used to analyze the findings of the study.    Briefly describe the key findings of the study.    Explain to the reader why this study is relevant to answering your PICO question.

Uysal (2010).

Level of Evidence: 3

To identify barriers to research utilization among nurses in Turkey    216 nurses from private and government hospitals in Izmir    Descriptive quantitative design.

Barriers to Research Utilization Scale
Self administered questionnaire incl. demographics, level of education and nurses involvement in activities    Factor Analysis
Student T-Test

63.5% did not receive research education before graduation.
82% did not receive any in-service education to research.
Only 58.3% thought research was important.
24.5% were interested in research .
Education level, undergraduate research education, and involvement in research were predictor factors of perceived barriers to research.    Addresses my question of what the barriers are for nurses to engage in evidence based practice. Findings add to existing studies conducted in the US and elsewhere.

(You will fill in the response that is appropriate to your groups question here)

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