Logistics Management

1) Create a document in Word that is formatted as an annotated bibliography.2) On the document, list four (4), varied sources you will use in your final career interest (Career Interest is: Logistics Management) project. Be sure to provide the information for each source including author name(s), title of the source, URL address, date the source was published, page number(s) being cited, and other details.
3) Under the citation of each source, write an Original paragraph of 3-5 sentences telling what is contained in the source (summarize when appropriate) and why the source could be relevant to your project.
4) Please include the (MLA) writing style AND your Final Presentation topic on the Annotated Bibliography (Topic: LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT) before you submit it for grading.
5) VERY IMPORTANT – Any submissions that are missing this information will be returned for editing.

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