Management critical appraisal

Management critical appraisal

This assessment task requires you to independently undertake a critical appraisal of a study, upload a draft and then share and discuss your independent appraisal with a peer. You then have the choice of either:

A. Writing a final independent critical appraisal and receiving independent marks
B. Writing a joint final independent critical appraisal and receiving the same mark.

Worth 45% of the final grade.

Assignment 2

Upload Early Draft option:

· Participating in submitted this earlier draft to Turnitin helps establish your ownership and can provide evidence of your progression to support its originality. This draft will not be marked but may be accessed for comparison during marking of the completed assessment item.

· Uploading a copy provides a backup if you should lose a file.

As a reminder, the unit coordinator may require students to authenticate their learning on the assessment item.  For example, a student may be asked to show their notes/drafts/resource materials used in the preparation of the item. It is, therefore, good practice to save back-up copies as your work progresses as these may be required.

Management critical appraisal

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