Management disease categories risk spread and control

Management disease categories risk spread and control

Task ( Learning outcome- 1, 2, 3)

Explain the different categories of diseases with examples and explain transmission routes of types of infectious diseases. Use an example of a bacterial disease to explain risk factors which contribute to spread of disease, use of control methods to reduce transmission and  how the human body defends itself against infection. 

Prepare and deliver a power point presentation. Your presentation should not exceed 10 minutes. 

You must upload your file on Turnitin and also hand in a printout of your slides to tutor during your presentation.

Use diagrams where necessary.

You must reference your work using the Harvard Referencing system. It would add quality to your work if you use references from various articles and authors. Reference list should be on a separate sheet of paper.


Ensure you consider the following points

1.Describe the main categories of disease: infectious disease, non-infectious disease and genetic disease, identifying examples from each category.( A.C. 1.1). Include autoimmune diseases as well.(A.C 3.3)

2.Use examples of specific diseases to explain role of bacteria, virus,  parasite in  causing infectious diseases , their transmission routes , the worldwide importance of infectious diseases (A.C. 1.2, 2.1) 

3.Focus on a bacterial disease and explore the following :

a.Explain how body defends itself against infection; external and internal defence mechanisms including function of the immune system(A.C. 3.1,3.2).

b.Factors that increase the risk of spread of disease and how control methods can be used to reduce the risk including vaccinations.(A.C 2.2)

c.Use of antibiotics as a form of treatment , how do antibiotics work ( mode of action of 3 different antibiotics), the advantages and dangers in use of antibiotics. (A.C.2.3) 

Management disease categories risk spread and control

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