Management Organ Transplant Law

Management Organ Transplant Law

In the UAE, a new organ transplant law was passed in 2016:There are currently about 2000 patients with end-stage kidney failure who require kidney transplant. A kidney transplant in UAE costs about AED150,000. Three dialysis sessions a week cost about AED2,500 in UAE.

The first kidney transplant from a deceased donor in the UAE was in 2013 – from a Saudi donor to a 23-year-old woman from Abu Dhabi. With the new law, effective March 2017, kidneys from deceased donors are legally accepted for transplantation to compatible patients in need of such kidneys. People suffering from kidney failure describe their condition as slow death.

There are 1,100 people on dialysis in Abu Dhabi and 30 to 40 transplants are carried out a year at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, and 20 transplants at Cleveland clinics annually:  Almost 80% of patients eligible for kidney transplantation in UAE do not have a compatible living and related donor. The country that carries out the highest number of kidney transplants is Spain – where 44 transplants a year are done per million of the population.

In the UK, the number is 34 for every million while in Abu Dhabi, which pioneered kidney transplant in the UAE, it is about has risen from 15 to 25 for every million population over the past 2 years.

Present a brief business case article for expanding kidney transplant services in UAE, compared with expanding dialysis services (30 marks). Your business case should differentiate between kidney dialysis and kidney transplant on cost, quality, access and outcomes parameters. Pertnent references are mandatory to justify your perspectives.

• In typical situations in which there are 5 eligible patients in need of kidney transplant for each compatible donated kidney, provide one evidence-based and ethically justifiable priority setting criterion for deciding on who among the 5 eligible patients will receive such kidney transplant – 6 marks. Critique the principle of reciprocal altruism with regards to priority setting for organ transplant 2 mark. References cited – 2 mark.

Management Organ Transplant Law

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