Management research gap

Management research gap

Using your literature review and the research gap you have identified in Assignment 1, this assignment requires you to:

1. Describe your research topic (the gap identified from the literature) – (1st sentence)

2. Background (2-3 sentences). What does the issue look like at present (e.g. the epidemiology or the size or importance of the problem) – with references

3. What is the major aim of the research

4. What are major questions or objectives written in 2-3 sentences

5. What are the major findings of the literature (1 paragraph)

6. Argue why the literature lead you to this topic (1-2 sentences)

7. In 3 sentences, argue why your research topic is important for: a. policy, b. practice or program c. knowledge

8. Conclusion – where are you going with the research (2-3 sentences)

Management research gap

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