Mason spent some time observing behavior at the craps table.

Dr. Mason spent some time observing behavior at the craps table. In craps, the players roll two dice simultaneously (each one containing the numbers 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 on one of the six sides of the die) in an attempt to get a desirable roll. The following table gives the distribution of the outcomes that John observed.

Dice Total       # of times     Dice Total       # of times     Dice Total     # of Times

2                        19                  3                   54                   4                     54

5                        75                   6                   102                  7                    129

8                        119                  9                    74                 10                        37

11                       33                  12                   24  

A. Dr. Mason postulates that these dice are not fair. Report your Hypotheses

B. Copy the results of a test of whether he is correct at the .05 level. (Note: Cannot use any of the distributions from Part D below)

C. Report your conclusions carefully

D. Which distribution ( binomial, Poisson, normal, chi-square, or F) best fits the sample of data above. [hint: the distribution you pick here should not be the one you chose for the expected frequencies above]. How did you decide?

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