Mass Fatality Incident

I am looking for two pages that adresses this scenario in two parts: Part 1 of 2 o You are an Emergency Manager, sitting in your office. An assistant suddenly bursts in and informs you that a dike holding back flood waters has just collapsed. You have two choices evacuate the immediate area and you will definitely save 500 lives, or try and plug the dike but, if that fails, thousands could drown. o What information do you think would be important for you to know? (Be specific) What do you do, and why? & #61623; Part 2 of 2 o What first responder concerns should emergency managers address when responding to a mass fatality incident? Why? o You should address the question as comprehensively as possible, covering both managing the incident by managing the responders you supervise (so they respond effectively, and do not become fatalities themselves); and managing non-responder (civilian fatalities). o You should address concerns emergency managers have about first responders on the scene already as well as the concerns first responders (should) have about the managers coming to the scene. ……….


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