Math 8.1

Math 8.1.

Write and post a real world word problem that can be solved using permutation or combination. All of the information necessary to solve the problem must be included.

First Response to a Classmate Choose one of your classmates’ problems that have not been solved by another student and write and post a complete solution. Show and explain all of your work. You can use a calculator to evaluate the permutation or combination, so you do not have to show the work for that.

1st Student Post

My family is baking cookies with all the leftover materials from the holidays, this is what we have left out of the bunch:

hershey kisses

candy snowflakes

m&m’ s

red sprinkles

green sprinkles


How many different cookies can we make with all of the toppings left?

The answer that I came up with is 720 different cookies!!!


now that’s a whole lot of cookies (if I did it right)

Second Response to a Classmate Find a classmate’s solution that has not already been checked by a classmate. Is the solution correct? Why or why not? If it is not correct, post a corrected solution. In either case, show all work and give a complete explanation.

2nd Student Post

I am going to use my favorite food Pizza.

4 Toppings

8 Choices

Pineapple,Ham,Chicken,Pepperoni,Olives,Green Peppers,Onions,Hamburger.

How many combinations can we get out of these ingredients?

A Survey of Mathematics 9th Edition. Angel, Abbott, Runde

Math 8.1

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