Medical Information System Custom Esssay

Medical Information System


Internet has become of use to the medical sector by the care givers. They administer prescription to their patients by getting the resources online. The technique has become so reliable with many patients and cares givers; however, it comes with some challenges to both parties. Over the years, caregivers have enjoyed the advantage of using internet resources to do research and give appropriate prescription to their patient.

The underlying advantages of using the internet research are that doctors or care givers are able to consult their colleagues in any other part of the world. This is done without moving from his or her location. It has enabled care givers to reduce the distance, resources and time spent in traveling to consult physically. Through consultation, care givers have been able to make a better decision in attending to their patients.  Internet research gives the care giver’s opportunity to hold online discussions with researchers in every part of the world which equips them with the knowledge and skills required in their field. Similarly, health care providers are able to browse and check the online bookshops catalogue and find the materials or books of their preference and order for them. They also enjoy getting updates as they occur in this discipline. For instance, they are able to retrieve DNA sequence file immediately they are published. Lastly, medical practitioners are able to read thousand of journals without paying for them and at the same time communicate with authors and getting feed back immediately (Pallen, 1995).


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