Messaging Intelligent Life

Messaging Intelligent LifePaper details:
The Messaging Intelligent Life project consists of two parts.
1. Construct an artifact to send to outer-space with the goal of contacting and eliciting a response
from an intelligent life.
2. Write an approximately 700-word paper describing your artifact and your thinking behind its
Artifact Design Parameters
Your artifact should follow the design parameters listed below.
? This artifact must be sensorial (meaning it emits sound), tactile, emit an odor, and produce visual
cues (static or dynamic, text or moving images, etc.), or it may include a combination of these
? The artifact must be portable and weigh less than five pounds.
? The artifact must address how to establish communication as well as deliver a message.
o Note: Aliens don’t speak English. Avoid using a language or means of communication
that involve an established knowledge of a language.
? The artifact does not have to be functional.
Paper Guidelines
Your paper should elaborate on:
? Identification of the assumptions you made about the E.T. and its physiology in order to receive
your artifact.
? A description of the message to deliver and how this message is expressed to the E.T.
? A description of the decisions you made on the design of the artifact, providing reasoning behind
your choices.
? Discussion of any alternative design choices you considered and why these were ruled out.
Pictures or a video must be submitted with artifact.

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