Microbiology Case study

Microbiology Case study

Order Description

Please check the attached document and follow the sources provided.

Writer must be from American university accredited with degree in Microbiology(master’s phd). Writer must understand critique of a case study. This is a critique of a case study, not a summary. Writer must choose a paper(scientific journal) from the ones attached. Writer will send the link before beginning so I can have it verified with the instructor. This is a must before beginning work. Writer may choose references to verify work, but the primary objective will be to critique a scientific review. If writer doesn’t follow step 1, order will be cancelled. If writer is not American, order will be cancelled. If writer argues, order will be cancelled. No exceptions. I will upload case study requirements. The focus is on Community associated MRSA or hospital associated MRSA but with regards to application in pharmacy

please make sure writer does first step First step is choose either to write on community acquired MRSA or hospital acquired MRSA. I don’t care. Pick one though. Then find an article from the sources described in the guidelines. Pick one study or primary research to critique, make sure it relates to pharmacy. Then send me the link of the article you are going to critique, so I can verify with my instructor if it is ok. Then begin work after getting verified. This is step 1. Do not begin until this step has been completed

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