Micron Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Micron Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

According to the reading in ‘Jane Eyre’ a novel by Charlotte Bronte, no interpretation outlined in it takes an adequate account of the question raised by the novel and its ending. Perhaps no single reading can. The ending of the novel might seem complex and troubling. One might be inclined to formulate many divergent corresponding interpretations on why Jane Eyre chooses to marry Edward Fairfax Rochester in his blindness especially having rejected him earlier in the novel when he was sound and healthy. But to me, having followed Jane Eyre’s development as a character through out the novel, her decision strikes me as one that is very justified, informed and based on intelligence as she finally achieves what she is searching for.

Bronte’s novel gives an account of young honest and intelligent Jane Eyre who is forced to contend with a life full of hardships inequality and oppression in her quest for autonomy and search for emotional fulfillments. She has to contend with individuals who threaten her mission but through her principles of morality, justice and dignity she manages to reassert herself. She is presented as a character who utilizes her intellectual values, strongly believing in gender and social equality to challenge prejudices of the Victorian period against women and the poor elite


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