MOD002538 Topics In Clinical Child Psychology

MOD002538 Topics In Clinical Child Psychology


This first piece of coursework for this module contributes 50% of your mark and consists of a 3,000 word report. Below you are provided with a case study. Read the case study carefully, identifying key problems, and possible explanatory factors contributing to the person’s difficulties.

For the essay, you are asked to firstly make a preliminary decision on what diagnosis you would consider for Jessica. In answering this question you need to provide a clear rationale of how you have reached your decision and should make reference to empirical research and the diagnostic criteria from either DSM-5 or ICD-10.

You must also make  reference to challenges that need to be considered in the context of your preliminary diagnosis. If you feel strongly that the preliminary diagnosis may fall under more than one diagnosis, you will need to give a clear rationale and evidence to support this.

For the second part of your essay you are required to formulate Jessica’s problem using the predisposing, precipitating, maintaining and protective factors framework. You must draw from the case study in doing this and please use the literature and research to back up your reasoning for considering the role of certain factors involved in Jessica’s problem.

Finally you will need to identify what intervention you feel would be best for Jessica, based on your preliminary diagnosis and formulation. You do not need to go into depth about the treatment, you only need to provide a rationale for why you have chosen the particular intervention/s you have based on your assessment and formulation.

MOD002538 Topics In Clinical Child Psychology

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