Molecular Screening

Molecular Screening

Write a proposal assignment about ( Molecular screening and detection of flaviviruses in blood samples collected from patient with undiagnosed acute viral febrile illnesses.) The research question “What are the detected viral species of flavivirus in patients suffering from febrile illness in western reigon of Saudi Arabia? ” Objectives The objectives of this project are:

1. To screen for novel or newly introduced flaviviruses to Saudi Arabia in samples collected from patients with undiagnosed acute viral febrile illnesses.

2. To identify the detected viral species.

3. To phylogenetically characterize identified sequences. *** Almost the same of these research + attached files Al?Saeed, M. S., El?Kafrawy, S. A., Farraj, S. A., Al?Subhi, T. L., Othman, N. A., Alsultan, A., … & Azhar, E. I. (2017). Phylogenetic characterization of circulating Dengue and Alkhumra Hemorrhagic Fever viruses in western Saudi Arabia and lack of evidence of Zika virus in the region: A retrospective study, 2010?2015. Journal of medical virology, 89(8), 1339-1346. a real-time rt-pcr method for the universal detection and identificatin of flaviviruses *** Please i need high quality to get grade A+ AND deliver every section you comlete ASAP ***USE SIMPLE WORD *** plagiarism less than 15% Guideline to write the final Written Mini-Proposal Write a mini-proposal for your research topic following the Rush CLS MS proposal guidelines.

The proposal should come out to be between 14-20 pages (DOUBLE SPACED) Guidelines to writing a proposal – You need to show the following clear sections: Introduction A very brief explanation of why you want to do what you propose to do, brief statement of the problem, how this research might fix it, and it ends with the research question. (ONE PAGE) (5 Pts)

Literature review The literature review should include the nine articles previously summarized plus another nine if possible; a minimum of sixteen (16) articles. Both the lit review section and the methodology can be sectioned under further sub-headers.

Break down the literature to sub-categories that will make the audience better understand your reasoning behind your study. The benefit of sub-headers is that it focuses the attention of readers early on the main point of the section, rather than letting them do it on their own. So from the get go, the reader will know that the specific part he/she is reading will be talking about (eg, biomarkers of cancer) and so will focus their mind on that. Some example, brief anatomy/physiology of the disease, risk factors, assessment methods, treatments, surgical procedure, recent work covering (or lack of covering) the problem, etc

. (This part should make up the bulk of your paper) (30 Pts) Hypothesis The hypothesis will answer the research question above. (5 Pts) Aims A list in bullet form of the experiments you plan to do. (Keep it minimal) (5 Pts) Methodology Same thing as the lit review goes for methodology, but now you include what I asked for in assignment 3 (you can elaborate a bit more if you like.)

1. Study design (eg., retrospective cohort) (5 Pts) 2. Selection of the subjects (sampling; age, sex, demographics) (5 Pts) 3. Selection of controls (none or positive and negative; this is not just limited to case-control studies obviously) (5 Pts) 4. The venue of the study (lab, hospital, city, state, planet…) (5 Pts) 5. Time line and cost (rough estimations – I know you are new to this) (5 Pts) 6. Analysis/stats (how do you approach looking at predictors vs. outcomes) (5 Pts) 7. The strength and drawbacks of using this design (AKA limitations)(10 Pts) References Use which ever method of accepted citing. Just be consistent. Look at these links (20 Pts) Some advises Develop the following:

1) A research question. We have done this before, but to some this question might have changed, to others the question will be better written after the lit review you just conducted. For example, can drug “x” reduce the symptom(s) of disease “y”?(10 pts)

2) The hypothesis. This should be a one sentence answer to your question. (10 pts)

3) Aims. These are the specific steps take to prove your hypothesis. For example, aim

1: establish a base line for the symptom by doing “z” blood test. Aim 2: use a variety of “x” drug concentrations and placebo for one month to show effectiveness of drug “x” against disease “y”. It is very important that you know what you need to do EXACTLY, so ask for help from your research advisor. Keep in mind that it is possible to have one aim in your study. (20 pts)

4) Study design (cross-sectional, case-control, clinical-trial, etc). Give a very short reason why you chose this design specifically. (10 pts) 5) Variables: dependant and independent (aka, predictor and outcomes). The independent variable is that which you will control (concentration of “x” drug) to see its effects on the dependant variable, which you are interested in studying (“z” symptoms, or blood test as a surrogate marker) (10 pts) 6) Subjects and controls. Describe the type of samples (subjects & controls) according to: a. Inclusion and exclusion criteria (10 pts) b. Methods of selecting the control (10 pts) c. Number of samples and controls needed for good stats (10 pts)

7) Possible methodology to be used. This is not the study design in question 4, but more specific and detailed. How are you going to conduct the research? This section might be difficult, but can be easily completed by emailing your advisors for the possible procedures to be done. The procedures need not to be explained, just list them. If you don’t know what methods you are about to use, then you are in trouble (10 pts) 8) Possible statistical tools to analyze your data.

I suggest the following, imagine the results you are getting and ask yourself, are the two groups (control, subject) equal? Are they parametric measurements or non-parametric? Is it normally distributed or not? Then Google it or get a good stats book or that paper we read for discussion. Don’t forget to ask your advisors, they might know (Bonus. Up to 10 pts) As you can see the assignment is not very long, I am just asking for details in a bullet form (questions 1-7). You will be graded on the provision of the above information. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM USNING LONG PARAGRAPHS OF EVERYTHING SQUEEZED TOGETHER. Please be organized.

Molecular Screening

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