Movie review of The Other Conquest (La Otra Conquista)

Movie review of The Other Conquest (La Otra Conquista) – what
The Spanish Conquistadores had just invaded the Aztecs and the film takes place mostly in the aftermath of this conquest. It shows the religious, social, and psychological changes that come from being taken over by a conquering force that threatens to wipe out life as they knew it.History and Theory of New Media
compose a 5-page essay discussing one of the primary themes identified in media art. First, identify the topic you wish to work with (e.g. the body, cybernetics, surveillance). Then, describe how this topic has been dealt with in the theory and practice of new media, as discussed in the readings we have encountered thus far. Select two to three artworks, either contained in the readings or which you find in outside research, that utilize your chosen concept. Address how these works create their own “arguments” about the theme in question. Do they support or problematize conventional thinking about your topic? Do they offer a critique? Think about how the use of “new” media in each of these examples changes the kind of statements that they can make. Does the use of electronic or computational devices change the way these artworks communicate or deviate from traditional models of the work of art?

This is a thematic essay—it should contain formal and textual analysis, and a well-defined and articulated thesis. In other words, you should be arguing something in particular about your topic, similarly to the way that Patterson argues that the model of visuality in the Whitney films exists in direct relation and response to military technology and the bodily and visual disciplines that stem from this technology. You should not simply describe the artworks you choose, but make sure your analysis of them reveals something surprising or interesting about your theme. Remember above all: having a thesis means that your paper is making an argument, not just describing the works. If your topic is embodiment, for example, you might show how each example uncovers a specific way of thinking and experiencing the body, and talk about how the technology involved creates a new understanding of what a body is and what it can do. Try to find some specific aspect of these texts and works that you find fun and interesting and that you think might otherwise go unnoticed (or that we have not talked about in class), and build your essay around it.

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