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Who is your favorite mythical character, or can myths be harmful? Please explain why. Should we use the myth of Santa for our children? Why or why not?
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classmate 1 response Mark as Unread Module 2 Discussion: Krystine Gilley Krystine Gilley 10/31/2013 1:32:54 AM
Little Red Riding Hood was one of my favorite myths growing up. This story has a moral to it; don’t speak to strangers. The story seems like a good way to teach children about the bad things that can happen if they are not careful or don’t listen to the advice their parents give them. I think some myths can have positive influence on children, such as the myths that have a moral or meaning. I enjoy those stories even as an adult. Some myths, such as santa claus, are harmful. The santa claus myth sends the wrong message in my opinion to young children. I don’t think the myth lasts very long for kids though. There’s always that sneaky child that stays up late and sees their parents putting presents under the tree or an older sibling tells the younger sibling the truth. Very young children may be taken with this myth and think that they are supposed to receive gifts for their good behavior.


classmate 2 response Mark as Unread Module 2 -Mythical Character Sherrie Brown 10/30/2013 3:22:55 PM
As a child my favorite mythical character was Santa. I still remember how I felt when Christmas time was near and on that night before Christmas. I would be so excited about Santa coming to bring me gifts. I believed in Santa until I was nine years old. Once I found out about Santa, Christmas was never the same for me even though I still received gifts at Christmas time, the innocent childhood excitement was gone forever. I believe children should be taught the true meaning of Christmas instead of it being about a man in a red suit bringing good children gifts. When I look back I think it would have been better for me to be taught and focus on the gift of giving, sharing caring and helping others. It has been commercialized so much that it has become more of a burden for me each year.


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