Natural weight loss versus weight loss surgery”.

Natural weight loss versus weight loss surgery”..

 creating a thesis and outline for a compare and contrast essay. The essay topic is natural weight loss versus weight loss surgery .
the intrustions for the thesis and outline are as follows:

Write a single declarative thesis sentence that summarizes the main idea of your essay in 25 words or fewer and informs your readers of the intent of the paper.

· Complete an outline for your final essay. The outline will be related to the topic you intend to compare and contrast.

o Your outline must have at least three main points (I, II, III) related to your chosen topic (from the University of Phoenix Material: Strategies for Selecting a Topic).

o Your outline must also have at least an A and B under each main point. 

o You can (but are not required to) use a 1 and 2 under the A and B level.

· Include your thesis statement at the top of your document (above your outline).

Use pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs correctly in your assignment.

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Additional Requirements 

Natural weight loss versus weight loss surgery”.

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