NCOM1000-Communications For Nursing


The purpose of this paper is to explore a communication experience in greater depth to obtain a clearer picture of your feelings and behaviours that contributed to the experience. The overall goal is to build and improve communication competence for future professional interactions.

Learning Outcomes

The following general learning outcomes apply to this assignment:

1. Describe effective communication strategies used in interpersonal relations

2. Examine best practices and effective communication strategies to develop and maintain the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship.

3. Develop skills in self-awareness and reflection


Reflective practice is an active process where we examine our personal thoughts and actions either during or after an experience. In this assignment reflect upon a recent

experience you had with someone (a nonfamily member) and identify how your actions contributed to a potential conflict. The goal is to identify more effective ways of communicating (verbal and nonverbal) in the future. In addition, you may also find that you identify and validate strengths in the communication strategies you currently possess.\


1. Recall The Event

a.In three or four sentences, summarize a recent event where you had an interaction with someone and your goals appeared incompatible which may have created a conflict.

Note: Do not use immediate family or spouse/partner for this assignment

2. Reflect On The Event

a.Describe the following responses you had during the event:




3. Relate Communication Concepts To The Event

a.Pick 3 concepts you want to use from Unit 1 (e.g., active listening, non-verbal communication, culture)

b.Define/explain each of the concepts

c.Use the 3 concepts to explain your reaction to the event. Do not hypothesize on the other person’s thoughts, feelings and actions; this is about your reaction/contribution to the event. 

d.The concepts must be clearly labelled in your paper with the use of a heading.

e.The concept and its definition must be referenced.

f.Utilize course textbooks only for academic references: Adler and/or Schuster(no requirement to find external documents).

4. Respond To The Event

a.How does knowing yourself in a new way influence how you will react in the future with similar situations? 

b.What are the consequences if you do not change your behaviour? 

c.Identify what you will change in the future 

d.Identify the potential benefits if you do change your behaviour 

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