Need an argumentative essay on Can Artists and designers afford not to understand the productive operations of fan culture Why/why not Demonstrate via refere. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism

Need an argumentative essay on Can Artists and designers afford not to understand the productive operations of fan culture Why/why not Demonstrate via refere. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Therefore, a celebrity is an individual who has a prominent stature who commands a lot of attention from the public and influence the profitability of certain media houses. With these aspects in mind, this essay will delve in how the phenomena of celebrities tend to dominate the media. In addition, it will establish the relationship between stardom and consumerism to the Hollywood lifestyle and the stars mythological fulfillment of deep-sited needs those that religion can fulfill. Additionally, it will reflect on how the internet has influenced celebrity stardom by highlighting on the life of one celebrity to try to bring out the establishment and maintenance of their status. Lastly, it will give the ways in which the media has influenced fandom as a marketing tool and how the collection of memorabilia works in maintaining fan sociality. The relationship between stardom and contemporary consumerism within Hollywood Over the years, celebrities have become symbols to which many international recognized brands attribute their increase in sales. However, using a celebrities name or brand is highly risky venture, as it may attract a lawsuit to the advertisers. In this regard, it is vital to engage a celebrity before using their branded ego for personal gain. The celebrity’s presence in an article or publication becomes the attractive factor in drawing potential readers in to viewing them. Therefore, consumerism and stardom have extremely close relation to each other, as they both complement each other in order to maximize on wealth regeneration. According to De Cordova2, celebrities played a crucial aspect in the popularization of values of consumerism3. Their involvement in consumerism is because of the active participation of their managers and their agents in seeking their means of acquiring alternative sources of income. Ideally, the celebrities do not mainly rely on their acting roles or their singing roles to make money, but they also use commercials to make an extra coin due to their already established brands. Their agents ensure that the commercials pay them according to their stature without infringing on their abilities to make more money. In essence, it becomes a win-win situation to both parties, as they both gain from the venture. Therefore, consumerism draws close influence from celebrity involvement in product adverting for marketers especially in Hollywood. Stars fulfillment of the mythological needs especially on religious matters Tentatively, society portrays celebrities to possess some God like attributes that are contrary to reality4. Their constant appearance on media tools cultivates the antidote that they are vital in the public depiction of society’s ways of doing things. According to certain societies, the term celebrity depicts the marked aspect of a person in which their image surpasses religion or regulations of the land. Essentially, celebrities become demigods in this way. Mostly, celebrities tend to have varied beliefs in different gods. This is to mean that celebrities quest to fulfill their religious curiosity by believing in other gods other than the God worshipped by other people. In a way, their lives tend to lean towards modernity and inevitable spread of liberal culture. On the contrary, the worshipping of celebrities has become common practice in many of today’s societies5. This practice is a form of idol worship that draws condemnation from the public.

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