Need an argumentative essay on Consumer behavior apply to e-dating. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… The study will take an investigative approach, whic

Need an argumentative essay on Consumer behavior apply to e-dating. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

The study will take an investigative approach, which involves the use of conceptual models aimed at boiling down to the aptitude to endow with appropriate matches through successful business to customer services enhanced by the internet and based on the sound customer relations administration practices. The models used in this survey include the Nicosia model, the HowarthSheth Model, and Bettman processing model, which facilitate privacy and secure oriented environment for customers. It is imperative to note that the whole study of consumer behaviour blends diverse opinions and views from sociology, social science and anthropology, psychology and economics (Rosenthal &amp. Knighton, 2002). On the other hand, consumer behaviour can be defined as the process or study aimed at understanding diverse decision-making procedures embraced by buyers at dissimilar situations. Similarly, the buyer’s individual features are included in the consumer study (Conti, 2009). Such characteristics include demographics and other variables correlated to the behavioural variables aimed at determining what the consumer wants. It is observed that the customer behaviour analysis has re-discovery of the real meaning of marketing through the reaffirmation of the significance of the buyer (Out of Pocket, 2009). For instance, a lot of emphasis is given in the customer relationship management, customization and consumer retention. Nicosia model Consume e dating refers to courting a partner with an anticipated aspect over the internet. The Nicosia model describes the relationship amid the firms and the consumers. The model focuses on the conscious decision making behaviour of the consumers, where the act of purchasing is only one stage of the wholly ongoing decision process of consumers. The flowcharting perception by Nicosia simplifies and systemizes the variables, which affect the consumer decision making. Consider the illustration below, which help in understanding the process of e dating Courtesy of HAINES, G. H. (1969). Consumer behaviour: learning models of purchasing. New York, The Free Press [etc.]. The internet complements the conventional business strategy in business to customer relations establishment, and this is particularly the online dating. The web-enabled expertise does not eliminate the need to design a sustainable cutthroat benefit and does not revolutionize the configuration of an industry (Gao, 2005). It is imperative to note that, the internet and online business fits well in the Nicosia model. The internet serves well in as a tool and firms are required to share this perspective for the successful application and maximum benefits. This study establishes that, five forces determine the configuration of any industry (Gao, 2005). They include the level of rivalry amid contenders’ barriers to entry, peril of proxy products, the bargaining power embraced by buyers and the bargaining power of suppliers. It is observable that, numerous companies, which have been, designed exclusively on the internet, with no authentic value and lofty price ratios have remained dotcoms, which have failed miserably (Gao, 2005).

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