Need an argumentative essay on Criminal Justice Agency. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… To their tribute, the legal structure and law enforcement agenc

Need an argumentative essay on Criminal Justice Agency. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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To their tribute, the legal structure and law enforcement agencies have not disregarded this predicament. Several courts and lawmaking organizations have, at different times, deliberated and established special measures to safeguard against eyewitness inaccuracy. The majority of States and local law enforcement agencies have recognized their own rules, practice, and instructional procedures concerning the gathering and management of eyewitness proof, several of which are reasonably excellent. The police department is on the clock enforcing the rule of law. The mandate of the police department is to make sure the evidence and testimonies in their custody is true and give the correct account of any incident that occurred and reported to the departments. Investigation on theatre is also important to verify the credibility of the witness testimonial. The scrutiny of the sites is very important since there may be other observers who saw different happening of the reported events. Therefore, the vigilance of the police on the evidence presented on cases makes the department of police obligated on the provision of protection of the witness, verification of the information relayed and conduction of separate inquiries of the cases to gather more evidence. That is instrumental in assisting the lawmakers achieve instillation of the rule of law to both the offender and the offended. Crime control and crime prevention Crime is a phenomenon that occurs when the profits overweigh losses. The fact that the trend of crime occurs when one finds it plausible for them to have their personal reasons outweigh their morals creates crime in its essence. Crime is a rational choice that many people decide to take and act upon their choice. The modern strategy predicament for a law enforcement agency rests among crime control and crime prevention. Specifically, what methods to use are more functional to trim down crime and alleviate public safety becomes the hard question for the agency. These topics attempts to help law enforcement agencies to make such decisions. The purpose of the topics is to evaluate and evaluate the effectiveness of crime control and crime prevention programs. It adds to criminal justice application by representation of the policy repercussion concerning the competence of these programs (Hughes, 1998). Before implementation of any crime reduction program one needs to first inquire whether the realization of each of these crime reduction programs is either proficient or inefficient. Although recently deliberation on impartiality, responsiveness, and crime control, effectiveness is still an essential thought in guiding both educational study and administration practice. The center on competence adds data on efficiency and value of performance in criminal justice programs (Cowell, &amp. Stenson, 1991). This is due to the concept of effectiveness evaluates the link between program yield and program finances. Criminal justice program assessments focus mostly on value. On the other hand, the use of these control measure also strike questions on their proficiency in crime control. The best deliberation is a comparative knowledge on the control measures the law enforcement needs to incorporate. Crime prevention is a mandate the police department is aware if but it becomes a collective task since the department cannot function singly.

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