Need an argumentative essay on Discuss roles and responsibilities of a System Analyst and relation to a project manager. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages.

Need an argumentative essay on Discuss roles and responsibilities of a System Analyst and relation to a project manager. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Master’s in business administration is also required. However, some individuals are hired with a bachelor’s degree in a technical field, as well as considerable on-the-job business training. This job requires one to possess strategic skills (technical and business) as well as ability to interact with professionals with variety of skills (Shelly, 12). A Systems Analyst must have good analytical skills, (to be able to analyze for the report) good communication skills, and experience in programming is a help also. Basic skills such as grammar, spelling, data entry and Microsoft office (Microsoft words, excel, PowerPoint and Microsoft outlook) skills are also required. Other skills needed are verbal communications and reading of comprehension. It is important for system analyst to be able to understand complex business process. System analyst need to understand business organizations and how they operate. It is important to understand how organizations are structured and managed (Shelly, 34). In addition to understanding the business, analyst must understand business functions such as accounting, human resource, finance and customer care. One should know the organization they are working in, their traditions and values, what it does, what makes it successful and most definitely their strategic plan. A system solution is tailored for specific needs of specific organization. They should also possess people skills and knowledge. This is because system analysts normally work on development teams with other employees (Niznik, 8). They need to understand a lot of people and possess many interpersonal skills. Analysts need to understand how people think, learn, react to change, communicate and work (Shelly, 17). System analyst mostly works in office or laboratory. Their work is more involving therefore most of the times they do overtime. This happens especially when designing a new system or one is being installed. One might be able to telecommunicate but most of their duties are performed by themselves. System analyst can advance to a senior position such as senior or lead analyst or chief information officer. Most of system analyst after gaining experience, they choose to become independent consultants. Role and Responsibilities One role of systems analysts is to enable systems with different setups to communicate with each other on both hardware and software level (Mannetti, 9). Systems are more varied and advanced as tools such as wireless Smartphone and internet-based applications continue to replace the functions of a regular PC computer. As a result, individuals in these kinds of computer careers should stay abreast of the latest technologies. They are also more in demand to provide systems security as more and more confidential data is stored electronically on a network. Analysts are trusted with private information such as salary, health and job performance information. They should come up with a system that will protect the information from being hacked, leaking or tempered with (Mannetti, 4). They might also work with confidential corporate information about products, strategic plans, business tactics and security systems and process. If these kinds of information leak then the organization is doomed. System analysts play a major role especially in governments and security agents. System analyst designs complex systems that will accomplish goals of the business or organization.

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