Need an argumentative essay on Factors that affect the divorce rate. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… Among the first divorce rate the women who have hi

Need an argumentative essay on Factors that affect the divorce rate. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

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Among the first divorce rate the women who have high school education has highest first divorce rate. The women who have not any high school education they share first divorce rate lowest which is 14.4. If we see race factor then according to the data of US census Bureau there are lowest divorce rate for the people who are affected from race. Asian women have lowest divorce rate which is 10 divorces per 1000 divorces while white and Hispanic women have highest divorce rate which is 16.3 and 18.1 per 1000 divorces respectively. The women which have high school education has highest divorce rate among the women who are divorced due to some race factor. Similarly prestige also related with divorce. People who have high prestige sometime are away from cultural norms and values. Divorce pattern is high among the people who have prestige. Prestige is the admiration that a particular person has in a society, it is a respect that he have in society and it usually comes from occupation. Some occupation requires liberal full freedom women. When women do these kinds of jobs, conflicts arise between husband and wife and divorce occurred. The numbers of working hours are also related with divorce. If husband belongs to working class or from that class which have low income then conflicts arises. Because wives demand for its accessories and luxurious life as well but the husband who works low no. of hours have low income and cannot fulfill his wife’s requirement and ultimately divorced occurred. People who attend the religious activities briskly has low divorce rate because religion has a strong effect on the marriage. It gives space to each partner and determines clearly roles &amp. responsibilities of each partner. The people who attend briskly religious activities are more close to religion and more aspire from it, they obey the orders in their life what religion has said to them to obey in their life to be successful in life, they are more close to the norms and values of religion and obey the orders of religion. So, there are less chance of clash among those couples who attend religious activities and seminars. Those people who never attend the religious activities or attend but not regularly are away from religion and are not aspire from religion. They do not know that how beautifully the religion has determined the roles and responsibilities of each partner to keep peace between them. Literature review Marriage dissolution through divorce is more common among white women because they more focus on economic value of their husband. if they are not economically strong they remain dissatisfied from their marriage and think about marriage dissolution to terminate their roles and responsibilities regarding marriage (Norton, Arthur and Paul 5-20). Americans heavily depends their marriages on their psychological well-being. Quality of marriage life heavily depends upon the female and white women are more materialistic, they focus on wealth and that’s why they are more dissatisfied from their marriage when their husband are not rich. The estimated contributions of white women are lowest for the marital stability and well-being (Glenn, Norval and Charles 161-168). African Americans has strong cultural reasons, norms and values, they know the responsibility and value of the marriage.

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