Need an argumentative essay on Guess who’s coming for dinner. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.Download file to see previous pages… This was a historic ruling since before this time interra

Need an argumentative essay on Guess who’s coming for dinner. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Download file to see previous pages…

This was a historic ruling since before this time interracial marriages were outlawed in sixteen States. Notably, the film also brings out the generational divide linking parents of the couple, both from different races. The interracial couple comprises Dr John Prentice, an African American doctor and Joanna Drayton, the daughter of two liberal parents- the father being a newspaper publisher and the mother a small art gallery owner. The couple met in Hawaii while Joanna was on holiday and John was attending a medical convention. Set in the home of the Draytons, the film unravels in this setting, as John is invited for dinner by Joanna, and later his parents show up. Considering themselves liberal, the Draytons are plagued with the predicament of approving their daughter’s marriage to a black man when John informs them he would cancel the engagement if they do not approve it. Parents from both sides acknowledge the stigma that would come upon their children if they choose to marry. however, when John’s parents arrive, a Joanna’s and John’s mother come to an understanding and approves the marriage. In this instance, the fathers are still adamant on the impracticality of such a union. The film reaches its climax when Matt Drayton, Joanna’s father, announces his approval since love surpasses all. The film takes a dramatic turn when Matilda Banks, fondly known as Tillie opposes greatly the marriage of Joanna and John. Tillie has been the house-help of the Draytons for over 20 years, having raised Joanna and therefore feels inclined to express her fear over her marriage to a black man despite the fact that she is black too. Throughout the film, fear and prejudice are the two things that ail society, including even the most liberal of people- the Draytons. This is because they are afraid the world will shun their daughter for her choice of marriage partner. Moreover, Tillie is prejudiced towards white people as she feels they say one thing out in the open but act in a different manner when they are in closed quarters. Furthermore, she understands the stereotype of black people’s inferiority by stating that John was getting ahead of himself by not only being a brilliant doctor, but also falling in love with a white woman. However, John defends his father his decision to marry Joanna, amid all the prejudices, he states that his father had to transport mail for such long distances in order to support him, as it is his responsibility as the person that brought him to earth. John declares that if he were to get a son, he would have the same responsibility. This depiction implies that a parent’s role lies fundamentally in upbringing and support. however, it does not afford the parent the right to dictate the child’s decisions. This is why John unwaveringly states he owes his father nothing and his decision will not be faltered. This is hypocritical as he is willing to cancel the engagement if Joanna’s father disapproves but he will not do the same if his father disapproves. Stanley Kramer, the producer of the film, received accolade for the film as it addressed a vital topic in society relating to the segregation between blacks and whites that had long persisted in America.

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